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Welcome to the Blog for Pure Spirit enterprises

Therapies, Creations and Consultancy

Lola Opeyokun

Director (Proprietor) of Pure Spirit Creations

THIS POST WAS FIRST PUBLISHED ON 15 AUGUST 2013 – if displays as 26 January 2013 it’s incorrect!

Hi, my name is Lola Opeyokun, I have set up and i’m managing all of the Pure Spirit enterprises single-handedly from meditating, receiving divine wisdom & insight, gymnastics, to educating and training to writing business plans, developing strategies, devising and implementing project plans to a bit of photography, web design and PHP! Thus, I am the Director (Proprietor) of Pure Spirit Creations and the significance of Proprietor, just means that I am classified as a Sole Trader at the moment. I work by myself at present so all of the communication comes from me!

Things should get better with progress!

This is a newly formed, hand crafted, creative enterprise that encompasses Membership, Therapy and Consultancy – in short. Where you see the expression we, on any of the websites, it basically means me for now! I will be running and managing this Blog, so it may be slightly more personalised.

This Blog primarily provides Members, Prospective Members and Customers with general and marketing information and updates for Member services, services and products. It may provide additional commentary and analysis to the Text 2 Testimony Newsletter and the research undertaken by P.S. Creations Consultancy or further elaborate on any communication initiated by us via telephone, text, email, video or other forms of modern communication……………….


Be prepared for my research and insight into Telecommunications, Intellectual Capital, Health and Utilities industries………


I’m a unique individual and I’d like to think that the most unique selling point of this Membership is the fact that it was conceptualised by me. In a mind, a world, where everything motions towards being well-balanced, one that is clarified and for the best part resolved, well, as much as it can be at any given moment in time, but the universe is in constant flux and where we have the Will or Power, we are constantly doing and undoing the future as well as the past.  If, by reading my profile at puresprittherapies.co.uk/therapist, you are yet to be convinced that I am undoubtedly the best therapist/healer for anything intangible mind, spirit, emotion, then my literary gifts, analysis and insight , should persuade you to sign up and become a Member, if not, my entrepreneurial capabilities should coerce you with promises of shares that translate into future wealth, if not, then i’m not sure what will! But as a final show of perseverance, I might write a brief Blog further highlighting Feature and Benefits of Membership!

So What’s in the Pipe Line………………………………….

  • A bit about the general look of the site and purpose/ethos behind continual upgrades and improvements for potential Members that have seen better!
  • The development of Membership log-in area.
  • Crowd-funding a legitimate investment tool to raise funds used by many entrepreneurs.
  • My Business Start Up Package – “Mind Your Own Business”.
  • One of the worlds largest telecommunications companies began with just 75 customers and used to deliver telephone bills by bicycle!
  • Sales, did you know there are Billions of people on the planet!
  • The residents of Greenwich are our first physical port of call.
  • Research Map – for those that might be interested in the knowledge connectors.
  • How to develop a Manufacturing Arm –  literally and energetically – my 4,000 handcrafted promotional gift challenge!
  • My mind is clarified – the moment I shot myself in the foot, for the first and only time and realised the perfection in my imperfection, a sweet tale of Karma, the word that will scare off a few prospective Members I’m sure!
  • Then, back to my world, the real world, of healing & health, knowledge, clair-cognisance, super abilities, spiritual and creative development…………


Written by Lola Opeyokun, P.S.


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