Thanks for Following Our Blog……

Thanks for following our Blog


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Believe in yourself, Believe in your ideas!

In the future we hope to be posting more frequently. We’re currently beginning to market Membership Archetype. Most of our content is geared towards prospective/Members, but we hope that non-members enjoy our posts on WordPress and other social media platforms.

Although Archetype was launched in September, we had some internal training requirements which caused a slight delay, but nothing to worry about, plus there’s a little external interference with our business, but we’re built to handle that.

Those of you running a small business, sole traders, or those new to business and/or attempting to build custom from scratch, will know that in the UK there is legislation that governs how you make contact with people or organisations who you do not have an existing relationship with. 

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen some of our past posts, such as:-

  • Pure Spirit Creations Launches Archetype
  • Crowd funding
  • Members Log-in
  • Renewable Energy and others

Provisional/up and coming titles


Back Log – titles to be published on the WordPress platform

  • Sales, did you know there are Billions of people on the planet!
  • Our Business Start Up Package – “Mind Your Own Business”
  • One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies began with just 75 customers and used to deliver telephone bills by bicycle!
  • How to develop a Manufacturing Arm – literally and energetically – our 4,000 handcrafted promotional gift challenge!

Others to follow………

  • Research Map – for those that might be interested in the knowledge connectors
  • Perfection in imperfection, a sweet tale of Karma
  • The residents of Greenwich are our first physical port of call.
  • My mind is clarified – the moment I shot myself in the foot, for the first and only time and realised the perfection in my imperfection, a sweet tale of Karma, the word that will scare off a few prospective Members I’m sure!
  • Launching a diverse/original product or service

We may still post on WordPress or other social platforms at any time in between, but this post has been issued due to the fact that we had already publicised what articles were up and coming. Hopefully, when Membership numbers accrue, we will post as and when, but we do try to maintain our promises. If we are unable to post any of these articles, we’re most likely to announce this on Twitter or by Email or Text.

Meanwhile, there may be a few short posts on Facebook that may interest you and you can Like our page if you like, as said, we’re also on twitter, with one follower!

Unfortunately, the poem – My Memory, My Memoirs – will not be released!

I did mention, in a Facebook post, that this was an up and coming title – Memory, Time and the Promotional Gift. It was intended to be humorous, but I am sure I can come up with something read-worthy.

Also, we intend to post an article as a follow on from the BBC News Magazine article published on 24 October 2013, entitled Coffee v smoothies: Which is better for you? This is most likely to be published in our Newsletter or on WordPress.

Once again, thanks for following us.

Written by Lola Opeyokun 04/12/13

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